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Optical Comparator Fixtures

Flat Work Stage with Swivel Base Flat Work Stage with Swivel Base
This fixture is used for staging flat form tools or production parts with irregular surfaces. The locating blocks can be adjusted across the width of the fixture and the fixture may be rotated 360°, thus presenting any desired angle before the projection lens. The location jaws may be equipped with false jaws of any profile to hold pieces of irregular shape. Working surface dia. is 6". Maximum width between blocks is 4 1/2".

Square Tool Stage Square Tool Stage
This fixture provides hardened and ground locating surfaces at right angles to one another, to which parts to be inspected can be accurately aligned.

Jeweler's Chuck Jeweler's Chuck
This chuck is used with other fixtures, such as V-blocks, for staging small cylindrical parts. Capacity 1/4" max .010 min. Shank dia. is 7/8".

Centers and Center Blocks Centers and Center Blocks
These centers and center blocks can be supplied in 3", 5" and 8" capacities for staging various diameter parts. The centers are carbide-tipped for long life. Female centers are available in high speed steel.

3" max. work dia. AC-2855 3" max. work dia. AC-3094
5" max. work dia. AC-2854 5" max. work dia. AC-3095
8" max. work dia. AC-2856 8" max. work dia. AC-3096

Vertically Adjustable V-Block Vertically Adjustable V-Block Stage
This versatile fixture features a vertically adjustable V-Block holder to allow a fixed table height. The V-Block may be mounted either vertically or horizontally in the holder plate. Three sides of the base have been tapped to accept the holder plates in various positions for staging difficult parts.

Universal V-Block Stage Universal V-Block Stage AC-3021
This adjustable V-Block and clamping fixture is for staging and projecting over the top of cylindrical parts. Capacities from 1/16" to 2" diameters. An adjustable end stop is provided to locate the piece horizontally.

Constant Centerline Constant Centerline V-Block
This V-Block stage - used for staging cylindrical parts with varying diameters, to maintain readings from the centerline - may be used on all standard Comparators. It has a capacity range of 1/4" to 2" diameters. Rapid focusing adjustment is provided in the fixture base.

Supplementary Fixture Bases Supplementary Fixture Bases - Single or Matched Pairs
These 2" or 3" risers are used when necessary to elevate fixtures (such as centers, V-Blocks, vice stage, etc.) above the table. Available singly or as matched pairs. Dimensions of the top working surface are 6" long by 4 9/16" wide for the 3" riser, and 7 1/4" long by 5 1/4" for the 2" version.
Note: 2" risers are designed for use on the 32" x 8 1/2" table assembly. The 3" risers are for use on the 30" x 6" tables.
2" AC-3665 2" AC-3666
3" AC-2198 3" AC-2457

Screw Machine Products Screw Machine Products Stage
The screw machine products stage is a fixture upon with two adjustable V-blocks are clamped. The blocks containing large and small vees can be adjusted for variations in diameters and lengths on a wide variety of screw machine products. Adjustment is accomplished optically on the Comparator.

Fixture Base Fixture Base
This base can be machined to accommodate various forms of holding fixtures. It is finished on the bottom and equipped with hold-down screws. Available in 1", 2", 3", 4", 5" and 6" lengths. The fixture base raised the table height by 1 5/8" and is 2 1/4" wide at the top surface.
1" AC-2468
4" AC-2146

Vise Stage Vise Stage
This stage is used for staging small parts when no permanent setup is necessary. The vise can be set either parallel with or at right angles to the table grooves, and special jaws can be used for staging irregular shapes. Maximum jaw opening is 1 3/16"

V-Block Stage V-Block Stage
This V-Block stage, for staging cylindrical parts on the outside diameter, is available in 1",2",3" and 4" diameter capacities. Matched pairs of these stages are also available in 1", 2", 3" and 4" diameter capacities.
1"AC-2197 1"AC-2453
2"AC-2210 2"AC-2454
3"AC-2216 3"AC-2455
4"AC-2240 4"AC-2456

Right angle base fixture Right-Angle Base
A convenient accessory to any Comparator, for location fixtures at right angles to the normal position. Addition of the base raises table height 1 5/8".

Universal Base Stage Universal Base Stage
This fixture rapidly positions small parts for inspection of various angles and surfaces where no permanent set-up is necessary. By substituting a tool stage for the vise, this fixture can be converted to a universal carbide tool holder. The universal base stage may be used with the optional vice (AC-3873), tool block, (33412), or electronics parts stage (AC-3818) shown below. The top surface of this base is 3 5/16" in diameter.

Note: This parts stage does not include the universal base stage shown in phantom

Electronics Parts Stage Electronics Parts Stage
The electronics parts base stage is a versatile holding device for small, delicate parts. Vee notched fingers securely clamp round or flat parts. The vise swivels, slides and tilts in order to present three or more views of the part. Fast accurate alignment is accomplished optically on the Comparator.

Note: This base stage does not include the vise, shown in phantom

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